Learn it Yourself (LIY)

School Cents: Get there, learn how

What do you want to do after you finish high school? Explore your options and learn how you can afford it in these two fun and interactive modules. Know your dough so you can go!

Non-Obvious Online Safety

This is not your typical online safety info. Find out things like if your password is secure enough and who is tracking you online.

Use Online Presence For Your Goals

Use your online presence and create an eportfolio to get the job of your dreams and get into college or university.

Find Out What Your Dream Job Is and Get It

Explore everything from different careers and writing a resume to starting a business to applying and paying for college and university.

Set Goals and Make Them Happen

Set goals and achieve them. Bonus: How to stop procrastinating.

Managing Stress In College

Learn how to manage stress to maximize your opportunities for success at college.

The Debtinator Action Adventure: Managing Money In College

Learn about managing your money well and reducing debt while paying for school.

Find Your Learning Style

Explore learning styles and find the order and the strategies that work for you.