Angi Eddy can’t say enough about the impact of Rogers Raising the Grade in her community.

“I have been able to help a teen who dropped out of high school get back into classes,” explains the Education Supervisor of the Boys & Girls Club Services of Greater Victoria.

“I watched a young mother defy all the expectations she had for herself and apply to college. A youth who failed all her classes last year recently showed me a report card that is honour roll-worthy. And the program has been running for less than 6 months!”

Angi works at the brand new Central Saanich Club facility, which serves a large population of youth from the Tsartlip, Pauquachin, Tseycum and Tsawout First Nations. The community identified a need for the kind of academic support and mentoring that Rogers Raising the Grade (RRTG) offers young people.

Realizing the new facility wouldn’t be completed until January, Angi took the initiative to start running RRTG sessions at a local coffee shop, bringing laptops and tablets and meeting with youth a few times a week.

“It’s amazing to see the kids discover education and career opportunities they had never considered or even thought possible,” says Angi. “Often the youth haven’t been told that they can succeed in school and it’s a privilege to support and celebrate them.”

With the grand opening of the Club’s Rogers Raising the Grade Tech Centre, young people now have a dedicated space where they can go after school. They’re getting help with their homework and connecting with mentors and other youth as they increase their digital literacy and make plans for their post-secondary future.

Angi is amazed by how quickly a community of youth has developed around the program.

“It’s inspiring to see kids with different backgrounds having organic, youth-led conversations about issues that matter to them.  We are seeing stellar role modeling and relationships develop between the older and younger participants.”

The Tech Centre is now regularly filled to capacity and Angi believes this is due in part to making educational technology available to youth who don’t have easy access to computers or the Internet.

“Rogers Raising the Grade is such an opportunity,” she says. “Every day, we are seeing an increase in interest and in motivation. It’s a huge boost for the community.”

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Get There, Learn How was developed with Social Research and Development Canada and Radii Production, and generously funded by Prosper Canada.

Rogers Raising the Grade is an interactive after-school program that focuses on two key elements: Academic Support and Life After High School. The program enables youth to connect with mentors and tutors, receive homework support, interact with peers, increase their digital literacy, plan for postsecondary education and prepare for future work opportunities. The program also supports youth to work through life’s challenges while building community and leadership opportunities with their RRTG and BGCC peer groups.

Three members of the Okanagan Boys and Girls Clubs tell us about their experience with Rogers Raising the Grade.

“Rogers Raising the Grade has helped me with Grade 10 Planning projects; it has helped me with confusion about everyday things as well as helped to alleviate some frustration I have with schoolwork.” –Soren

“My favourite part of the program is getting to learn about real world things, volunteering and having a good time with interesting and sometimes funny mini assignments.” –Bailey

“One of my favorite things we have done at Rogers Raising the Grade is volunteering at a local restaurant.” –Samson

At the Boys and Girls Club of Riverview, Rogers Raising the Grade (RRTG) found a fun and interactive way to explore concepts like conductivity, electrical circuits and input/output systems for computers. Using an invention kit called MaKey MaKey (, members connected organic materials with computer chips to play old-school video games!

The youth combined Play-Doh, pencils, paperclips and cups of water to create a remote control. Fashioning bracelets out of aluminum foil and alligator clips allowed them to use their bodies to complete an electrical circuit. The MaKey MaKey kit is designed to make the computer think it is a keyboard, so once the circuit was formed, members programmed buttons to correspond with actions on the screen.

Before they knew it, they were playing vintage Nintendo games with their crazy creations! Way to go, Riverview!

Here’s a video created by the youth in the Rogers Raising the Grade program at the Boys and Girls Club of Niagara to say “thank you” to the Rogers Youth Fund for tickets to a Toronto Marlies hockey game and for ongoing support of RRTG.